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  • ADUU MAL Steppe Tortoise | Aduu Mal - Leather

    << Back to catalogue Steppe Tortoise -look Thickness: 1.2 ​ Type of leather: aniline, top-grain crust with remarkable silky and spongy touch, visually showing the natural hide structure ​ Finish recommended: either was, organic oil or water based finish, light pigment finish to create semi-aniline leather and get a more even look. Application: fashion, soft interior articles. Min order quantity: 30 hides Leather care: Do not place in direct sunlight, as there is a risk to colour loss. Clean with a dry soft cloth, do not rub. Depending on final finish use a similar water based spray protection or leather wax when additional protection in care taken is required. ​

  • ADUU MAL Rudysheldrake B | Aduu Mal - Leather

    << Back to catalogue Rudysheldrak B -look Thickness: 1.6 mm ​ Type of leather: full grain, aniline, with pull-up. More even look when compared to "A" variant. Pliable leather. ​​ Finish: wax finish with manual tumbling. Application: upholstery, bags, shoe-upper. Min order quantity: 30 hides Leather care: Clean with a soft dry cloth, do not rub strongly. Use a natural wax when in need for additional protection.

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