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  • PG-Horse hair yarns | ADUU MAL

    Titel Subtitel Dit is een tekstalinea. Het is een goede plek om een beschrijving van je bedrijf of website toe te voegen en uit te leggen wat je doet. Gebruik deze ruimte om informatie toe te voegen voor je gebruikers, leg uit wat je achterliggende filosofie of werkwijze is en noem wat van je onderscheidende kwaliteiten. Overweeg ook om een afbeelding toe te voegen voor extra betrokkenheid. Lees meer Uniek leer N. Dijkstra Dit is een citaat uit een recensie. Laat je klanten aan het woord om aan iedereen te vertellen hoe goed jij en/of je bedrijf zijn! Purchase options The leathers can be sold to you at different stages in their processing. As wet-white, crust or finished leather. Wet white As a wet-white the skins are as the name says - still wet. The after tanning required to determine the end characteristics and finishings haven't been applied yet. Usually they are already split to a required thickness. It offers you maximum flexibility when interested to work on the skins to develop own divers set off articles. The skins need to preserved at a cool place an preferable be crusted within 3 months time. The processing into wet-whites is often done in large drums in large quantities. Crust In the crusting process final characteristic of the leather are determined: flexibility, thickness, softness, tear strength and often the basic colored is drum dyed. Even then still its possible to make from a basic crust a wide range of divers leathers and colors (usually darker than the base crust not lighter). In considering an own collection of leathers its therefor interesting to look for a base crust and explore the variations. Crusts are dry and can be kept in a shaded dry but airy environment for long times. Crusts are usually been made in smaller drums to enable more diversity in production. The minimum order for horse crusts are 50 skins. Finishings In the finishings ADUU MAL generally uses pigments for coloring in combination with ecological water or oil based finishings without strong coverage but this also depends on the application. Only for small collection ADUU MAL applies Bee wax. In the finishing you can determine if you like embossments, pull up effect or a more even look. The minimum order is related to the minimum crust order. Based on a minimum of 50 crust hides divers finished leathers can be made. In case you like a very dark color next to a very light color two different types of crust will be needed and this effects the minimum order quantity. Vraag een offerte aan Dit is de paragraaf voor het gedeelte over prijsaanvragen. Moedig websitebezoekers aan om hun informatie achter te laten in ruil voor een prijsofferte. Verzenden Bedankt voor de inzending! Contact Hoofdweg 12 5571 PG Amsterdam Tel.: +31 (0) 456 573442

  • Who we are | ADUU MAL

    Aduu Mal company A direct connection with the source The Aduu Mal factory is surrounded with walls but the endless space of the countryside of Mongolia reflects the true character of the company: expanding from the people living and working as herders to various places in the world. Keeping short lines you are always welcome for a visit. To establish the fundamental quality of our products the herders are of core importance. As a master chef would admit, for a recipe to work you first have to find ingredients of a desired quality. Aduu Mal uses raw materials of an animal humane origin and its activities are meant to economically contribute to best practices in pastural management. In the factory we aim to keep what's given by nature as natural as possible. ​ Aduu Mal is equally owned by Dutch and Mongolian entrepreneurs. If desired we can provide you a company chart. Management team Zack Dagvadorj Co-founder - Aduu Mal LLC ​ "I am truly proud that we are finally able to develop beautiful products of the remains of our lovely animals and likewise to keep their spirit. Matthea van Staden Co-founder Aduu Mal LLC and international sales / project representative ​ "The ownership is with all of us involved with Aduu Mal, similar we all responsible in care for each-other and our environment. " ​ ​ ​ " Mike Damdindorj Ambassador Aduu Mal - internation relations ​ "After working technical engineer abroad in the US for large international enterprises, I moved back with my family to Mongolia to support companies like Aduu Mal llc and initiate activities with a vision on maintaining our natural and cultural heritage." Lhagva Lhagvasuren Herder Cooperatives manager, responsible for training and sourcing network E-nomad. ​ "Our ambition and challenge is to integrate modern technology in the traditional way of herder life, and recover old wisdoms about pasture management." Ariunbold Damdinsuren Production and sustainability manager ​ "As an internationally educated leather engineer I see the opportunities to improve leather manufacturing in Mongolia"

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