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Coat leather

Love to touch

The Aduu Mal coat leather is unique, produced nowhere else in the world and it's a new product on the market.

In Winter the horse get a more furry coat, the weather determines the thickness. In the Eastern areas in Mongolia hides are thinner compared to the skins in the Altai region in the Western part of the country. Aduu Mal coat leathers are touched by winds and temperatures down to -50C. 

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Natural color selection

The natural colour collections can be supplied in the following categories:

Steppe -look: Natural length, natural colours mixed selection.

Taiga -look: Natural length, skins with a combination of two natural colours.

Oasis - look: Natural length, pure white colored skins (rare item).

Altai-Sayan - look: Natural length, natural with variations in colours towards the hair roots.

Hustai - look: These are a selection of Taiga look skins, shaven back to a single colour tone.

The coat-leathers are supplied from the factory and sold in half hides cut in length.

Purchase options

Dyed or bleached coat leather

During tanning and crusting the skins can be dyed together with the leather. The leather is basically white and can be colored in any colour. The colours of the hairs are determined by the basic natural colour. After crusting its also possible to work only on the coat side in coloring or bleaching the hairs for more even look.

Product categories:

Gobi - look:  Short shave drum dyed

Baigal - look: Natural length, bleached & dyed.

Hangai - look: Natural length, bleached.

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Sculptured coat leather

Aduu Mal coat leathers are soft and feel furry. 

Marion Chopineau showed Aduu Mal how sculpturing can add to its natural design.


Biography of Marion Chopineau



ADUU MAL places the herders and their natural surrounding at the core from which all expands: from sourcing to production to distribution, sales to end-users. The ADUU MAL protocol is for the full-chain embedded in our running application for ISO 45001 / Health & Safety, 14001 / Sustainability, 9001 / Quality management - 2021.


In tanning we use a wet -white process which give the leather side of the coat a clean white colour with our the need to use any bleaching. Environmentally, this tanning method reduces water usage, production time, chemical demand, and the treatment of waste waters and chemical residue. Importantly, no additional salt or pickling is added during the process.


The color option in using natural dyes without fixation and oxidation metals is limited. ADUU MAL sees more benefit environmentally in the easy to balance use of synthetic dyes. 

Research on metal free natural dying technology - is followed with interest. Dyes are subject to laws and regulations, and the use of certain azo compounds is due to health risk prohibited in the European Union. ADUU MAL uses only tanning products and dyes supplied by chemical companies from the European Union.

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