Aduu Mal emblem

A flying horse

The name “Aduu Mal” is without any pretensions and means “livestock” with the horse (Aduu) as front runner. From tradition the Mongolian people are strongly connected with the horse. There is a saying: “The Mongolian without horse, is like a bird without wings.”

The winged horse in the Aduu Mal emblem reminds of Pegagus and is also an ancient image in Mongolian culture known as “Hii Mori”. “Hii" is a gas and can be considered live energy. The horse in stories is able to travel to the eternal sky and expresses as such a balance between the spirited and physical world (earth).

Good fortune implies “Hii Mori”. Bad faith a lack of “Hii Mori”. Positively using all animal remains is considered to bring good fortune. With support of Aduu Mal the raw materials can be processed into newly desired fashionable products.