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Horse hair

A Natural shine

Horse tail hairs are have a strong resilience and is beautiful in use for (naked interlining) woven textiles. The length of the hair will determine its width. The veery long white hairs  are rare and therefor more costly and of interest to violin bow makers and bow stringers. Manes are more soft be hard to get by in length longer than 20 cm+

All hairs longer that from 10 cm+ are sold in bundles. Prices depend on weight, colour and length.

Horse hairs are a natural product and naturally not even in colour. Bundles can be selected depending on the demand.

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Purchase options

To bundled horse hairs are sold from the factory stock in Mongolia.

paardenhaar 13.jpg

Tail hairs

The price range of the tail hairs are based on the length of bundles in combination with its weight. Each bundle contains selected hairs of the same length. 

Non dyed hairs bundled:


10 cm - 19 cm 

20 cm - 29 cm

30 cm - 49 cm

50 cm - 75 cm

75 cm - 90 cm

90 cm+


Snow Lotus A -white 

Wild Lily A- grey/light brown

Wild Rose A - brown/black

Manes hairs

Manes hairs are collected in Springtime mostly. Supply is limited and lengths in average no longer than 30 cm.





Snow Lotus B - white 

Wild Lily B - grey/light brown

Wild Rose B - brown/black

paardenhaar 03.jpg

Dyed hairs

The horse tail and manes hairs can be evenly dyed in various colours.

As we prefer not to bleach we colour on basis of white hairs. 

The darker hairs can only be dyed after bleaching. Image shows maximum bleaching on manes hair.



Aduu Mal horse hairs are from a traceable origin.

Animal welfare

in sourcing animal by-products Aduu Mal only works with known suppliers with a guarantee for responsible animal husbandry.


In the cleaning and selecting Aduu Mal only uses organic products with a positive effect on the waste water.

Request a quotation

Representing a large company or being interested as individual, do not hesitate just ask.

Thanks for your message, we will be in touch!


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