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DAOS cognac

DAOS cognac

DAOS are the fashionable sporty barefoot shoes from ADUU MAL specifically designed for the practitioners of Tai Chi Chuan but also pleasant for daily use (outside and inside).


A wider foot bed and flexible level sole give these shoes the typical barefoot character. 

An elastic supports various heights of step-in. Special soft leather makes the shoe fit as if a glove. 


The step- in is purposely kept smooth without any accessories that could hurt others in partner exercises. Its sporty design respects the traditional Tai Chi Chuan shoes.The inner sole can be removed and mainly functions as isolation when walking outside in Winter or practicing on cold floors.


Why barefoot ? 

The condition of the feet has an immediate effect on the body balance and alignment, and supports in releasing muscle tidiness. A more relaxed body, relaxes the mind. The feet will  stronger and balanced without obstructions of the shoe. 

It also has a positive effect on past injuries. Sprained and still weak ankles will feel supported by otherwise hardly functioning small muscle groups in the foot, allowing the ankle's condition to improve. People with Hallux valgus will notice that more space for the toes improves the blood circulation and softens the painful area.


Training of the feet for the light walk:

When not used to walking barefoot, we advise to train the feet by practicing the first week 30 minutes a day, second week an hour and after that extend the time as feels comfortable. You will discover unknown small muscles and slowly improve the flexibility of your achilles heel.


Start using DAOS

In general leather shoes need some time to shape along your feet. At the beginning the step-in can be somewhat tight. If too loose, use the stitching holes on the leather to connect it with the elastics.


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  • Stand upright with your head to the sky.

    The eyes aligned, clairvoyant, a sun and a moon.

    To be complete one needs a head and legs.

    A man without a head cannot walk. 

    A slow walk evokes the agility in the legs.

    The first step determines the course.

    Begin at the beginning.

    Without agility one cannot walk.

    Retrace your step, return to origin.

    Feel your feet freely touch the ground.

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