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Nomads - by Marion Chopineau

Updated: Jan 17, 2021


This diptych is inspired by cartography, landscape seen from above, movements of elements

(water in the riverbed, wind through high grass). The motives are organic (Feathers/Leaves).They

tell us about landform and topography (Courant, Hills) and seems to be running through the horse

hides. In these movements, there is a notion of migrations and nomadism, flux through a territory.

This diptych is the birth of an open series of artworks. The very essence of it is nature, leaving creatures and what links us all.

Sculpting these horse hides reveals what this material already expresses : animality, open

spaces, free-roaming, running through iced Mongolian highlands, centuries-old dependence and

respect of man over animals. Using very simple cutting gears, my action is to let go then dig, scratch,

sculpt the surface to let appear the shades of fur like geological strates, traces of ancient rituals, parietal encoded graphities.

The material has a raw but colorwise subtle aspects and echoes to ideological matters

as it’s traceable and sustainable leathers produced in Mongolia. There, horse rearing is part of the

culture and free-roaming animals is a reverential practice. The animals are never slaughtered for their

hides. The hides are processed with the help of a Dutch company concerned by care for the environment, people, and animal welfare.

Exhibited at: Sinople - studio - galerie

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