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ADUU MAL started in 2015 with trials in making horse leathers and a first fashion show to create awareness and emphasize potentials for traceable and sustainable produced leathers from Mongolia. 

The traceability criteria of ADUU MAL are the outcome of a think thank of entrepreneurs & leather brands associated with CSR - The Netherlands.

Horse leathers were an important part of the fashion collection designed by Hans Ubbink, as its iconic for Mongolia and at current not yet processed into higher end products.

We had to start from zero. The local tannery technicians lacked the expertise for tanning horse hides, therefor we based those first trials on the to them more customary chromium recipes. This despite the fact that we prefer to work without chromium. It was a necessary in between step to take.

It helped to explore the potential quality of horse leathers and a market in general as alternative for exporting these raw- untanned abroad for the protein industries.. Today we are ready for the production of Chromium free -aldehyde free production of wet white based horse leathers. 

At the source we work with herder cooperative and lower administration units and join forces in organizing local training in cooperation with UNIDO, WWF Mongolia and the Mongolian leather association.

The development of our leathers and local environmental improvements in the process is supporter bij: DEG Deutsche Investitions - und Entwicklungsgesellschaft.






ADUU MAL LLC is resides in Darkhan province in Mongolia as a local daughter company of the foreign investment company MIM.llc (Made in Mongolia). In the autumn of 2018 ADUU MAL welcomed WesBeheer from The Netherlands as it's partner shareholder.

Distribution partners:

ESBECO BV- The Netherlands / Germany / EU

MINJ - Mongolia

When interested to purchase or to partner please contact: matthea@madeinmongolia.nl

First horse leathers by Hans Ubbink

January 28, 2017

In 2015 Hans Ubbink designed for ADUU MAL a fashion collection of horse leathers. The first horse leathers processed industrially in Mongolia. The collection was launched in his studio in Amsterdam on March the 23th as part of the introduction of ADUU MAL as sustainability standard for leather from Mongolia. The first leathers were developed based on chromium. Our goal is to develop high quality horse leathers for fashion and interior chrome and aldehyde free in production.

Event 23th March 2015 launching ADUU MAL

March 22, 2015

All representatives of Mongolia's major tanneries attend the launch of ADUU MAL in The Netherlands.

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