ADUU MAL leathers and furs are all produced based on we-white and metal free.


ADUU MAL LLC cooperates for in the production with tanneries who are audited by LWG or are ISO 45001 certified. 


The fur hides are produced fully in Mongolia. The leathers are either send as crust or wet-white tanned for further custom made production Europe. For local use and in production they are always crusted and finished in Mongolia.


Mongolian horse leather are suitable for bags, shoes, jackets, gloves and / or smaller upholstery items.

Marion Chopineau

December 03, 2019


Double face horse fur - on stock

December 03, 2019

Our shiny double face horse furs are tanned with wet-white and metal free. Without the use of bleaching agents the suede side is of a bright wet colour. 

Various natural fur colours, half skins average sizes full skin 2.2 sq. m.

suitable for bags, shoes, home interior.

Horse leather wet-whites and crusts full hides

December 04, 2019

Currently on stock horse hide wet-white to be processed in the desired crust, and finish.


* photo just one item sample.

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Darkhan Sum, 4th bag.

Darkhan Uul Aimak, Mongolia



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